Why is the Employee Leave Management
System So Important?

Automated Employee Leave Management System in India

Every company wants its employees to strive hard in this day and age. Since the major objective is to earn as many profits as it can get, the focus is shifted from the well-being of employees. Now if you have set up quality human resource management within your organisation, you would want that your employees are taken care of in the best manner. To do so, employee leave management will have to be looked upon.

Since the times have changed, help from technology will be necessary. So you have to come up with an employee leave management system that can keep track of all your employees and their leaves. If you buy the software from us, you’re bound to get a complete solution which you can use to manage the leaves of employees in the most efficient manner.

The thing with the leave management system is that you should know how to draw that thin line. Some companies want their employees to work throughout the year with the same motivation. But is it possible? They will get bored doing the same work and you must help them catch that break. Now there’s another aspect to look upon as well. They shouldn’t be given so many leaves that they underperform at their job. You have to set the parameters straight and with our automated leave management system, we are sure that you will succeed in that task.

If you take these services from us at Beehive, we are sure that you will manage the employee leave management system quite efficiently. You can properly check the employees who have been working continuously for the past number of months and need to have that break. It will allow them to work with the same mojo once the holiday period is done. In addition, you will make sure that the employees feel at home while working in your company.

The great thing about using our employee leave management system software is that it has all the tools you would want from a leave management software. There are more than 100 configurable leave rules and validations. If your company has a big employee basis, you might need to set different rules and validations for different sets of employees. You can easily simulate payroll management along with the leave management system.

Are you finding it hard to come up with the best leave management system for your company? Choose our software, all it requires is a phone call at +91 86910 55013!

Manage employee leaves with Beehive's mobile first tool

Leave Types

Flexibility to define multiple leave types with defined rules and applicability on each. further, it can be configured as per the leave rules/policy. Robust leave configuration with respect to all the leave eligibility, accrual, credit frequency, encashment, etc specific to the leave types.

Restrictions set up

Set up a workflow specifically for the leave applications and approvals, it can be further configured as multiple approver OR multi approvers as per the workflow requirements for an organization

Leave Calendar

Leave calendar will be enablement for the employees and managers to declare their leave plan and managers can further see the details as a part of their leave planner calendar and leave calendar respectively.

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